Best mobile spy software in India

Many mobile phone monitoring app for children, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend and employees are available in the market, making people wonder which monitoring software provide excellent user interface and greatest level of performance with numerous features.

Best Mobile spy software in India is available on Softwaremee official website. This is app for iPods, iPhones, iPads and also operates on Blackberry, Android, Windows, Nokia Symbian. This software is rated best because of parental control capabilities. Installation process of Softwaremee app is uncomplicated, easy and takes few minutes before program is installed.

Mobile Phone Software in Delhi India

Softwaremee Best Mobile Spy Software in India Features –

  • This applications allows users to block websites and applications. You can block unwanted websites and application that you don’t want to be used by your kids.
  • Voices Call Recording with phone number and call duration
  • Monitor all outgoing and incoming emails and SMS messages
  • GPS Tracking with current and previous locations
  • Monitor all Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Access Photos and Videos
  • Monitor all Internet Activities with website url
  • Access all Contacts
  • Useful for legal Cases
  • Protect Women
  • Safeguard Children
  • Monitor your employees

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